Just recently I gave a twenty minute talk at a networking event that I regularly attend. The group is called 4 Networking and at all the meetings up and down the UK there are slots for people to speak about an interest or something connected to business or even an event in their lives.

Business Networking – Be a Speaker

I have previously given 4sights which were really more about business networking and how it had been successful for me which seemed to go down well. The idea is that you are not to talk about your business, in other words it musn’t be a sales pitch.

I decided on this occasion that I would talk about a time in my life when I was able to follow my passion and still to this day I feel it was a fantastic success for me at this time.

The point I am trying to make is that as we get older it can sometimes be very difficult to follow our passion, as it was in our youth, as for some of us mortgages, marriage and careers seem to knock all the passion out of us, life just gets in the way.

Anyway while preparing my 4sight I realised that I am the same person that once had all that passion and although my dream has changed over the years the only person stopping me is me. In my youth anyone that doubted me became insignificant and probably made me even more determined and ready for success. It was never in doubt.

I also noticed that within the team of guys I ended up with good was always good enough as perfection would take too long and we all brought, and I didn’t think about this at the time, our own set of skills to the party.

Business Networking – choose your attitude

You must have heard people in business networking who say ‘choose your attitude’ – well maybe it’s time!

I gave my 4sight, the first of others I have now booked, and I loved every moment as I explained my passion. The group who attended the business networking meeting gave me some great feedback and one person who spoke to me said ‘you know that’s really motivated me this morning, thank you’. That’s all I needed.