It’s a Question many of us think about.

Being wealthy means enjoying an abundance or great quantity of something we desire.
So is it really about the money?
Money is just connected to our finances and if your outgoings are more than your incomings?
Well you will always struggle to feel wealthy.

Do you know that most successful people will put aside some savings even before they buy that new shiny object they desire.

To become truly wealthy you have to break through doubt.
How much do we listen to doubters?
Where do our fears come from and how does this affect us?
We have to set up rituals. We are actually defined by our rituals.
If it feels overwhelming you might think about changing one thing per day to condition the mind.

It doesn’t just happen, we need certainty

In terms of expectation we need a conclusion or outcome that is beyond doubt.
Do we have a big enough WHY?
The holy grail is belief and mindset, it doesn’t just happen.
Some people want proof before they can believe and sadly they may never get started.
It takes ‘guts’ to believe because our fear of failure means that we will never take action.

You have to be certain of the result in advance

Potential + Action = Results – which triggers Belief

Roger Bannister attempted to break the 4 minute mile on 6th May 1954. For the previous 9 yrs the record was set at 4.1.3secs.
At the time most countries and athletes had given up as 4mins was seen as the ultimate barrier.
Roger Bannister believed it could be done so on the 6th May 1954 he ran it in 3-59.4 secs.
Within the next month his record was beaten and over next two years was improved 27 times.
You have to see the results in your head and you have to feel it’s a certainty.

Food for thought.