I am sure you would agree that there is probably not one person on this planet that has not had these same thoughts from time to time. One of my main drivers to becoming a coach was that I had been through this type of situation a number of times throughout my life and now I feel I have the resources to help others. It is so important to feel at your best otherwise we will struggle to help others to be at their best.

In order for living organisms to survive and grow they need to continuously nourish themselves. In order for this to happen, If you think about it, all organisms enter this world with an inbuilt mechanism, an internal guidance system if you like, which has evolved and helped with the survival of the species by trying to ensure these needs are met.

For human beings you can really divide this into two parts. There are our own inbuilt skills which give us internal resources and capabilities and then the external environment which provides us with motivators and needs so as long as we can obtain these needs from the environment we can survive and grow. These internal and external factors are really considered to be essential for human well-being.

In our lives ‘resources’ and ‘needs’ really should be in balance.

If they are not this is when stress is caused which is why we feel ‘stuck’ or we have a ‘missing element’ in our lives which we struggle to identify.

When I work with clients the very first session has to be identifying each of eight resources and capabilities that people have and how well we currently use them. How well we use these depends largely on the quality of our lives. It also makes sense to say that resources can be used for good and bad. A healthy lifestyle is attained by using these resources and capabilities in balance. You know a sharp knife will help you to prepare a great meal but in the wrong hands could be used destructively.

I then look at twelve human needs. These needs describe the essential things which each human being depends upon in order to live a healthy and balanced life. If we try to live without some of these needs, even for a short time, we become stressed. Stress can be defined as what happens to us when even just one or more of these needs are not available. The reason most of us take action in our lives, consciously or not, is to meet our needs and this provides the underlying motivation that desire demands.

No results are the same because we are all individuals.

Life can be complicated, but we thrive best when all our inbuilt needs are met. If you saw a plant wilting you would do your best to revive it by making sure it had water, light and nutrition etc. It has always been in the nature of the plant to grow and survive so by meeting the needs that’s exactly what it does. Again needs have to be in balance as over-watering could easily damage the plant as might keeping it in the dark.

If you were thirsty you would simply just get a drink. You don’t always automatically think about it you just do it. There is no stress involved. If you were in the middle of a desert and you weren’t sure how to get water you would become stressed because your needs become out of balance until you can drink.

We can only thrive when our needs are met.

The key is to identify ways to lower your stress levels so that you can improve the quality of your life. This can easily be seen as taking small steps over the next few days which will help humans to get more of the missing nutrient.

Taking steps to get any of these needs met will always have the effect of reducing stress and making you feel better.

Hope this helps.

Adrian Chase
With your success in mind