There are many people that have gone on to achieve some outstanding results in their lives but they have achieved it differently to the standard goal setting way you might expect.

I would like you to think about this situation.

“A person finds their passion. They begin to practice. They REALISE early on that they have a “talent” which is above the norm. IDEAS come to them almost from out of the blue.
They find that they seem to eat, drink, and sleep the passion they have in their minds eye. They have no idea what or how this new found passion was turned on in them. It just IS.

Based on their own level of AWARENESS they are convinced that they do not visualise, dream or imagine things. They do not even think that they think positively about what they are doing.

They believe they just DO IT.

From the above you can see the person has found THAT SOMETHING that we all have in us. They allow it to grow in their mind. They honestly do not believe they have an elaborate plan to achieve what they want. They just seem to DO IT.
What the person concerned does not know is that there is a lot of work going on in the back ground. Let us have a look at certain words here.

REALISE – when you realise something it actually means you recognize it. The question is how do you recognise something? You have to see it in your mind’s eye. It is something that makes sense to you.
It becomes real to you and you begin to feel it in your very being. What is “a light bulb moment”? “A light bulb moment” is nothing more than a clear mental image that is emotionalised.

IDEAS – What are ideas? They are images that come into your mind. These can be in the form of words or pictures but they make an impact. Let’s say you get an idea to get fit. The idea becomes real to you when you see and feel what you are going to be like when you are fit. You probably will not be putting images of you struggling with your training. You will probably imagine training and getting fit with relative ease. Once you add a load of emotion to it the idea becomes something you just have to go for. You see it in your mind.

AWARENESS – this is the key to understanding those who succeed unconsciously. They do not really know HOW they do it. They just DO IT. They are unconscious of the fact that they are thinking in pictures and are oblivious to the fact that they have emotionalized these pictures. Once pictures are
emotionalised enough they have the tendency to become all consuming. They then fall into the category of “just do it”. They really do not care about the process they’re using because they are too busy “just doing it”.

With the words that we have highlighted you will see that there are a lot of processes that are going on in the background that most of us are unaware of. Our subconscious mind is working nonstop making things happen for us.

Hope this helps.