my motivation

Throughout my life I have had roles that might appear completely diverse to others looking on, only one thing has never changed and that is the idea of helping people in the way they think. In the corporate world this resulted in being motivated to gain promotion and thus gain more influence. This worked well for me until the culture changed and I could no longer operate in my way. This motivated me to become self employed, some six years ago, and it was something I had to do.

You could probably say ‘having influence’ motivates me so this is why I am active within the FSB as a Branch chair and a Regional Treasurer and involved with 4Networking. You see people do fascinate me in the way that they approach life and business and so when I network with others I am looking to help people that are already thinking about what really motivates them.

my philosophy

Quite often people will say to me ‘so you are a business coach then Adrian’ my answer to them is always ‘What I actually do is coach people that happen to have a business’. For me it is always people first and business second. I see my job as helping my clients to be in a better position to help others. I am very honest with myself in terms of who I can help which means I choose who I work with.

I am proud of what my clients achieve and when I work with people I impress upon them that they need to make themselves their number one priority and in that way will be in a brilliant position to be able to help others. What I actually do is ‘remove resistance’ for people that have put up their own ‘thought barriers’ which stops progress. For myself and clients I work with we always have a ‘get out clause’ which is good for the relationship and means we can always remain friends.