Adrian is one of those people whom are more than the sum of their experiences. Be it a bona fide rock star or retail management for a national chain. Adrian has an uncanny knack of being able to focus on and interpret just those issues that are holding you up, all whilst not making you feel at all like you are being coached.

Adrian is extremely easy to communicate with, an excellent listener with a vast knowledge and understanding that is reflected in the quality of the written material that supports his programme.

I worked with Adrian for several months during 2016 with a view to improving my approach to business networking. I’ve since overcome several of my anxieties regarding networking and overhauled my overall approach which has led to better contacts and better quality business.

I have made great progress towards recognising my full potential. I wholeheartedly recommend Adrian especially if you have dismissed coaching in the past, his approach was very much focussed on getting you to ask yourself the awkward questions you’ve been avoiding!

July 28, 2017, Andrew was a client of Adrian’s t

Andrew van Gortel

IT Strategy Consultant, Feanyx

I recently completed Adrian’s Black Belt Networking programme. Adrian has helped me to become more confident when networking. Before I met Adrian I struggled with networking and had no real strategy. Adrian helped me to develop my 40 seconds and develop an effective networking strategy. Off the back of working with Adrian I have landed more clients.

I highly recommend working with Adrian Chase to people who are new or struggling with networking. He’s great and he knows what he is talking about.

July 18, 2017, Robert was a client of Adrian’s

Robert Leat

Personal Trainer in Bristol, Fat loss specialist and author, Robert Leat Fitness

I started working with Adrian because I wanted to get more from my networking and to understand how I could develop myself.

Adrian is a great listener and I found our sessions really opened up my thoughts on how I see and understand others. It means now that I don’t jump to assumptions like I may have in the past and I take time to consider my approach especially to problems that you least expect. It has enabled me to rationalise my thoughts so I can get the best desired outcome where possible.

If you individually drive your business then you cannot afford not to invest in yourself. I have found working with Adrian invaluable and look forward to continuing my own development.

Thank you Adrian I really appreciate all your help.

July 21, 2016, Paul was Adrian’s client

Paul Barnfield

Associate Director, Chartered Financial Planner, Vision Independent Financial Planning Ltd

Thank you Adrian for your continued help and support. You have an uncanny knack of getting people to be completely honest with themselves and in so doing bring out answers from within. Sometimes we forget what we need because we are always so focused on others or results. Adrian will help you focus on yourself and what you need, the rest is up to you.

Tim Fussell

In charge!, Fussel Fine Foods

The professional manner is apparent in whatever Adrian does. His coaching is a step further in terms of listening with genuine interest to what a client really wants and needs.

For me he was brilliant at clearing away the debris of confusion and doubt and was able to reveal the path for my desired lifestyle and success. Adrian did precisely this for me.

So thank you for my adventure of a lifetime.

James Waters

Devizes, Wiltshire

I have been working with Adrian for around 6 months now. I really feel Adrian has changed the way I now listen to others which also improves building relationships within the business.

On a personal level I haven’t always looked positively at changes and challenges however Adrian has helped me change the way I think about such instances and always try to look positively to the future.

He has been an inspiration to me and I feel working with him my mindset has changed for the better.

Adrian has always been punctual, discreet and very professional. I would highly recommend Adrian to anyone who needs positive life coaching.

A big thank you Adrian and I look forward to continue working with you.

Paul Bray

Sales Manager, UR PAD online Estate Agents

I have been working with Adrian for 3 months now and he has been an inspiration for me. He has helped me tremendously to be able to get more from my team by changing my behaviours and mind set.

Adrian is always professional, discreet and punctual, he really understands the issues that any manager or leader face as he has been through them all and suggests simple techniques to help with these; however what I really like about the way he works is that my business is not what he is interested in, his goal is to make me the best I can be to enable me and my business to become more successful.

On top of this he gave me a very comprehensive folder with everything we have spoken about included in it, as well as a lot more information to be able to refer to.

Thank you Adrian I really appreciate all your help.

Theresa Lane

General Manager, Grosvenor Casinos